PW Computer Services


Networking Solutions l Internet Solutions l Database Development


PWCS has been providing quality computing services to the Chicagoland area for the over 10 years.

From Small/Mid size Offices to Home Offices, PW Computer Services provides it's customers

with Professional and Dependable computing solutions.

PWCS prides itself on the amount of professional and dependable service that we provide our customers. 

With PWCS saving the customer money is the most important part of the business; that is why we provide

our customers with a full range of computer services to meet their everyday and future business needs.

These are some of the computer services offered by PW Computer Services:

Network Administration

Computer Support

Backup Maintenance

Wireless LANs


Custom File & CDROM Servers

3rd Party Application Installation & Configuration

Databases Support

Custom Application Development

Network Support Agreements*

Network Administration

User Account Maintenance:

Add Accounts

Delete Accounts

Update Accounts

Login Security Features

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Network OS Maintenance:

Installation & Configuration

Performance Tuning

Update Network Operating Systems

Install Additional User Licenses

Install Remote Access Capabilities

Virus Removal (Code Red, etc..)

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 Backup Maintenance:

Design Data Recovery Systems

Schedule Backup Jobs

Define Backup Procedures

Audit Backups for reliability

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Wireless LANs:

Network design and installation


Access Points
WEP Security

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Design VPNs

Remote Application Systems

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Custom File & CDROM Servers:

Designed and built to match a Customer’s Specific business needs.

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Computer Support:

Operating System Updates/Replacements

Operating System Troubleshooting

Hardware Troubleshooting

Hardware Updates/Replacements

Virus Checking & Removal

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3rd Party Application Installation & Configuration:

Office Suites

Microsoft Office 2000 & XP Suites

Corel WordPerfect Suites


Case Explorer (Law Case Management Software)

Amicus Attorney

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Databases Support:

Microsoft Access

Borland Paradox

SQL Server

Informix, etc..

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Document Management Systems:

{Call for Proposal}

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Custom Application Development:

{Call for Proposal}

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Network Support Agreements*

 Daily system storage monitoring

 Performance monitoring

 Daily backup monitoring

 User account maintenance

 Apply required OS patches/updates

 Maintain overall system health

 Analyze end-user requirements

 Recommend upgrades based on user requirements

 Provide technical recommendations for new projects/requirements

 General system troubleshooting & problem solving

 Provide integration support between dissimilar OS’s (Unix, Novell, NT, 2000, XP)

 Perform hardware upgrades, repairs, & replacements

 4 hour response time for any software & hardware problem

 Locked in hourly rate for the length of the agreement

 6 or 12 months agreements available

*Rates depends on size of business, number of servers, users, and network operating systems.

* Requires available T1 or DSL line for remote management.

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Home / Small Office Support

$50 - $75/hr depending on number of servers, users, and network operating systems. And the type of support, prepaid or on demand.

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PW Computer Services

6818 N. Ashland Blvd.

Chicago, IL 60626

Phone: 630.841.0565

Fax:     866.583.2403